Easy Holiday Budgeting

Easy Holiday Budgeting

December is a busy month. There are so many festivities to get excited about, including parades, lights, horse-drawn carriage rides, tree decorating, cookie baking and more. But along with all the fun can come some substantial costs. As the emails start pouring in with holiday deals and party invitations, be intentional about your holiday spending.

Reduce Your Holiday Expenses By Sticking To Your Budget

To help you be mindful of your spending this holiday season, here is a free holiday budgeting worksheet for tracking your expenses, along with easy, step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download our free Holiday Budget Worksheet.
  2. Create a gift list of all recipients. Remember to include special people like neighbors, teachers or co-workers that you’d like to thank this year.
  3. Consider other special treats or activities you want to do this year, such as sending Christmas cards or giving to a charitable organization.
  4. Remember to include other costs this holiday season such as postage, gift wrap and party food.
  5. Do your best to track what you’ve spent every day. If necessary, keep an email folder or physical location to collect receipts. Not only does this help with expense tracking, but it’s convenient if you have items to return later.
  6. Relax knowing that your holiday spending is under control!

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the season. Tracking your spending is time well-spent and allows you to start off 2021 with confidence.